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Sofia’s Bio

As a temperamental, attention seeking middle child I can say that my one great skill in life has been my ability to pursue relentlessly that which I decide I want. And because life is long and, over the course of it thus far, I have wanted a great variety of things, I have taken up a multitude of professions and hobbies in a short time. I have been a working actress, production assistant, voice actor, personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, visual artist, deli worker, musician, screenwriter, philosophy buff, poet, stage director and producer, bartender and wine connoisseur, waitress, playwright, troublemaker, aspiring gymnast,  competitive horseback rider, and women’s rights activist. I’ve never been very interested in cooking.

Next I wanted to be a world traveler and so I am currently pursuing that. Relentlessly.

I suppose in a bio you’re supposed to write up the important details of your life (One of 3 daughters, born in Minnesota, a passion for J.R.R Tolkien and cheese) but the truth is that It’s still too early to tell what the important stuff is. That’s why we’re starting this blog. In the hopes of getting some of the detail down and I’m so excited that you’re here, if only for a second, to share it with us.

In place of this bio, I hope you get to know me, Teague (who is so wonderful) and the planet we’re on a little bit better through our writing. I promise to try and keep it interesting.

Sofia Eliett

Teague’s Bio

Travel to me has always been one of those far off things that you’re going to do. Eventually. When the time is right, when everything aligns, when circumstances are perfect. I’d never really thought about the particulars– in my mind I pictured getting on a plane, going to somewhere different, probably Mexico, for a few days. Sitting on the beach, shrimp, margaritas, sunscreen. Pretty much a shabby chic Corona commercial, then jetsetting back and going back to work. That was travel in my mind for a long time.

I knew that travel could be more, but I never spent too much time worrying about it. I was worrying about other things– getting through college, figuring out what to do with my life, getting into law school, surviving law school, getting a grown up lawyer job in a bad economy. Travel was relegated to the far off tomorrow, the maybe, the sometime when things are right.

Then, Sofia came into my life.

We’d known each other for years, so it’s probably not accurate to say that she “came into my life” (hallmarky, I know) because she’d been there for years. We’d met in film school, when I was an aspiring writer director who worshiped Kubrick and she was a working actor. Those kind of circles were small and I ended up casting her in most of my projects. Our first time working together was on an after midnight zombie shoot, down by the river. Her ex-boyfriend was one of the two people working the set. I played a lumberjack, digging a grave for my dead dog. Cheery stuff, right? In the scene, her character (an escapee from a government training lab) fled through the darkness and tumbled into the grave my character was digging. I was supposed to catch her and have a moment, all under the watchful and angry eye of her ex boyfriend, who was manning the camera. While I stood in a grave. Based on the way he glowered during the scene, and the fact that we were almost alone in the middle of nowhere it seemed he was thinking about burying me the grave I was digging. It was not a romantic moment.

We finished the shoot and the resulting movie, at about 10 minutes, was typical film school fare which is to say it was bad. I continued working on my own projects and when an actor for my movie about a doctor who sells harvested organs on the black market (edgy, right? That’s what film school’s all about, and why no one watches the films) fell through, I turned to Sofia. That was the start of a quasi-professional relationship that spanned about half a dozen projects. After film school, casting around in a bad economy and a little unsure of my place in the world, I took the LSAT and applied to law school at University of New Mexico Law. I got in, received some scholarship money and moved to Albuquerque. Sofia had moved there several months before pursuing acting. My first year of law school was typically stressful, overwhelming and all consuming, and to hear Sofia tell it, I blew her off all the time. I remember it as being too busy as a dedicated law student (class and work all day, study at night, freak out about exams, repeat until JD acquired) to hang out. Eventually she got through to me and we met up a few times for drinks. One thing led to another and we’ve been solidly in each other’s lives ever since. Travel slowly crept into our conversations, and this time it wasn’t 10-days-in-Cabo-you’ll-never-forget-travel, it was the real deal, capital “T” travel. Over the course of several years, we researched, read and discussed what we could do, and slowly the conversation became what we would do and wistful conversations after a long, rough week became plans on how we could lives our life outside the normal path we were on.

I’ve lived my entire life in New Mexico, Breaking Bad references and all (fun fact, I lived in the same apartment complex as Jessie Pinkman, and busloads of people would stop by and take pictures, which I assume was deeply confusing for the very elderly couple that lived in the actual Jessie/Jane apartment). It’s a beautiful place– if you find the dry, dusty and harsh southwestern desert beautiful. I do, and there’s something about the bleak emptiness and hard blue sky that has sunk deep into my bones and left an imprint on who I am.  But I know that there are many other places so different from what I know that I can’t really even imagine them. The itch to travel and go see who else lives on this planet and how, has gotten too strong to ignore.

I’m 28, something I can’t always remember (after 21, they all kind of blend together) and I am a lawyer. Was a lawyer, depending on how future travels go. I’m a writer, I was a photographer, I was a (mildly) competitive strongman. I’m a human being who likes airports for the thrill of possibility, and I’ve got the itch for the capital “T” travel. By the time you’re reading this, we’ve made the big jump and we’re doing the thing we’ve spent so long talking, planning and dreaming of. Thank you for taking the time to look at our site, and please, walk with us on this journey.

Teague Williams