“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone”     -Thoreau

The world as I know it is ending. The car, the clothes, the furniture, the electronics, the things I had loved so dearly a mere year ago have been traded in for their counterparts– for no thing. Currently I can cram the entire contents of my  worldly possessions into 28 liters of well crafted, black  fabric. My travel backpack, the size of a Jansport book bag I had in high school, has suddenly become the very compact center of my universe. It is the black hole that ushers in the apocalypse of my first 28 years. It represents the end of a life where I loved the gathering and having of stuff. It represents the new and unknown. It represents the road. It represents freedom.  

Teague (you can find his bio on this site) and I will be spending the next year exploring new territories both in the world and within ourselves. As two former workaholics (and lovers of our stuff), we expect many growing pains and mishaps as we learn to exist in the new minimalist world we started crafting over a year ago. Reader, we do not know what the following chapters will bring. We hope they will be filled with new friendships (to ease our aching hearts as we leave old ones behind), new perspectives and, most importantly, a reborn love for everything that this pale blue dot has to offer.

This is our account of adventures unknown.  

By Sofia Eliett


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